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Connect DC Ritual

Today I went to a Connect DC ritual hosted by Katrina Messenger. It was a good time. I also picked up a new chant. I found their circle casting very interesting. It was done from the middle of the circle, starting in the East and from what I could gather a circle is "energetically" cast around with a hand facing outward, turning clockwise, to close the circle she started facing East and moving deosil pulling the circle back in and then released it to the sky. I am sure there was much more going on but that is just my shorthand.

The Lammas focused on the first fruits, ie berries and small produce. They called Demeter and Zeus. I liked Katrina's take on Zeus he is often seen as the bad guy but he is the spark that calls us to live our lives to the fullest to savor each day, a kick up the ass when we need it.

I also enjoyed the spoken quarter calls. It was nice to meet some other Pagans in the area. Katrina also talked a bit about how Connect got started, how they did rituals at each corner of the diamond that is the city limits of DC. They even did a ritual on the outside of the city while the Seven wisdom of the elders (Native American) did a ritual at the Washington Monument. I wish I would have been around for that!

I hope I can meet them again soon.

Song of the day

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